Hey, dudes! My name is Darcy, and I am now a college graduate! Woot! Now I work at SHIELD Headquarters as the 'coffee girl'. It was the only job they would give me. But, hey. It's cooler than you might think.

I love cats, tasers, comic books, and like loads of other random stuff.

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Kittens and Tasers

So … Apparently when I get bored, I fancast Disney men.

I tried to not only find actors who legitimately look like the characters, but also talented actors who I think would do a good job in the role.

The Prince

Benjamin Walker

Prince Charming

Brandon Routh

Prince Phillip

Tom Hiddleston

Prince Eric

Niall Matter

The Beast/Prince Adam

Christian Kane

Captain John Smith

Ryan McPartlin


Avan Jogia

Li Shang

Daniel Henney

Prince Naveen

Alexander Siddig (Young)

Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert

Zachary Levi


Chris Hemsworth


Josh Holloway


Kevin Sorbo (Young)

Peter Pan

Jeremy Sumpter

Roger Radcliffe

Benedict Cumberbatch


Ed Quinn

Milo Thatch

Jude Law

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